The Matrix as Messiah Movie

The Matrix - A Cyberpunk Parable?


2. TRANSFORMATION: Conversion, Conception, and Construction

2f. Section Summary


Here is a summary of the events of Neo's 'conversion' into the real world in this section, with the Christian parallels in parentheses:

  • Thomas is saved by intaking/receiving the red pill in faith (red pill = blood of Christ). He then:

  • finds he is a new and different person (becomes a 'Neo'/new creature in Christ)

  • is 'disrupted' from Matrix input/output (severed from the system of the fallen world)

  • is 'located/pinpointed' by Morpheus (God the Good Shepherd 'finds the lost sheep')

  • sees himself become whole as mirror fractures heal (becomes whole, is healed)

  • sees his face in the mirror (sees his true self through faith in the word of God)

  • is replicated into a like image of Morpheus (transformed by constant faith into God's purity and character)

  • enters the mirror into the real world (enters into the truth; into the kingdom of God)

  • has taken action upon truth, not just looked at it (is now a 'doer' of the word of God, not just a hearer)

  • goes into 'arrest' (dies; is considered crucified with Christ)

  • wakes up from the 'dead' (is raised with Christ, is no longer spiritually asleep or dead)

  • is freed from life-draining cables/dependency on the Matrix (is freed from the fallen world)

  • sees the Matrix was not the truth (sees the fallen world as God sees it)

  • enters a new world, and is alien to the Matrix (becomes citizen of kingdom of God, is not of the world)

  • learns that most of humanity is lost in unbelief, asleep, enslaved, headed for destruction (same spiritually)

  • is found defective by the (lost) world system and rejected as an enemy of it (same spiritually)

  • sees his enemy, that he is at war (a Christian learns he has spiritual enemies who war against God)

  • is 'born' from a 'womb' (a person is spiritually born by trusting Christ for salvation; i.e. 'born again')

  • is like a baby; clean-skinned but weak (a Christian is new and pure, but needs to grow spiritually)

  • is figuratively drowned and raised (a parallel to baptism, God considers him crucified and raised)

  • has some gold material on his chest (gains a new heart)

  • becomes part of a body / crew of believers who help one another (like the church, other Christians)

  • truly experiences life: "Am I dead?" "Far from it!" (has eternal life, real life)

  • can see for the first time (unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God / spiritual things)

  • enters rest: "Rest, Neo. The answers are coming" (a Christian enters the spiritual rest and wisdom of God)

...and there's much more to come! Neo will now begin his training, just as a Christian needs to mature.

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