The Matrix as Messiah Movie

The Matrix - A Cyberpunk Parable?


2. TRANSFORMATION: Conversion, Conception, and Construction

2d. Rejection

M = The Matrix Story
S = Spiritual Parallels


M. Neo is flushed from the 'womb pod', and out a long tube. He falls into water and nearly drowns because he has no muscles to swim. Morpheus and crew raise the drowning Neo from the water.
S. This might represent baptism, where a believer is immersed in water, then lifted up from it. But baptism is a voluntary act, whereas Neo certainly did not choose to flush himself! However, Neo did choose to accept everything that might happen in his future by taking the red pill. So in that sense, we could say he chose his 'baptism' as well.
For the curious, here is a short paragraph to explain baptism: Baptism is a voluntary event for a new Christian, to publicly identify himself with Christ. It also vividly depicts that the weak 'old man' – the sinner – dies as he is figuratively crucified with Christ and buried under the water (just as weak Neo figuratively drowns). The water reminds us of the flood judgment of the Old Testament, which Noah survived in an ark. Similarly, the Christian is placed spiritually "in Christ" (1 Corinthians 1:30), the pure Ark that forever shelters the believer from God's wrath. The person is raised from the water, signifying the washing away of the wicked old self and the resurrection/birth of the new person in Christ.
M. Now let's look at Neo's expulsion from the pod in a darker sense. Like a steel vulture, a 'doctor-bot' descends and brutally examines Neo. Finding him defective, the doc-bot disconnects him from the Matrix pod cables and hatefully flushes Neo like sewage. Morpheus and crew catch the drowning Neo, lifting him into light and care.
S. When a person is saved by faith in Christ, the fallen world system – and the people in it – now consider that Christian 'defective'. A lost person is oriented toward self and sin. But God puts a new nature into a Christian, a nature oriented toward God and righteousness (Romans 6 and 7). "They [the lost people] think it is strange that you do not plunge with them into the same flood of dissipation (selfish pursuits and sin) and they heap abuse on you (I Peter 4:4). "What?" said the lemmings, "You aren't going to run over this cliff with us and drown?"
Like the 'doc-bot' severing connections with Neo and flushing him, the world adamantly hates a true Christian. Jesus said, "you will be hated by all on account of my name." (Matthew 10:22) This is a fascinating truth – when it comes to the undiluted Jesus as presented in scripture (versus a 'tolerable' Jesus constructed by man to not offend himself), people either will love Him or despise Him. Jesus said, "The world has hated them [believers in Christ], because they are not of the world…"(John 17:14), and "if you were of the world [like the billions of oblivious human ‘batteries’ in the Matrix] then the would love its own; but because I [Jesus] chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…" (John 15:19). Many who trust in Christ and live obediently are surprised when their former ‘friends’ suddenly turn hostile toward them. But God warns, "whoever makes himself a friend of the world [like the Matrix] makes himself an enemy of God." (James. 4:4). Like Morpheus basically told Neo at the Metacortex building, "There are only two ways to go…with us, or with them." There is no neutral ground.
Because the world hates a true Christian, Christians should strive to love one another as God loved them, instead of engaging in petty bickering and selfish hypocrisy. Christians should concentrate on:

* lifting each other into the truth and light of God (like Morpheus hoisting Neo up into light)

* building each other up in maturity (like Morpheus reconstructing Neo's muscles)

* feeding each other spiritually, emotionally, physically (like Trinity bringing dinner to Neo)

* equipping one another for spiritual warfare and Godly living (like Tank cybertraining Neo)

* encouraging one another in the truth (like Morpheus in the training simulator: "You're faster than this! Don't think you are; know you are." etc. )

* praying for each other (like Tank 'praying' over Morpheus while the Agents had him.)

* and again, loving one another, which is greatest of all (like Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity being willing to sacrifice their lives for one another)

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2e. Rescue

M. When Morpheus lifts Neo out of the water, there is some gold material on his chest, like a sort of heart.
S. Perhaps this could represent God giving a sinner a 'new heart' (a 'heart of gold', to use the cliché) when he trusts in Christ.
M. Neo has gone through quite an ordeal! With a weak voice, he asks Morpheus, "Am I dead?" "Far from it," reassures Morpheus confidently.
S. Becoming a Christian is often (but not always) accompanied by immediate external trials. Although the purification of sin and presence of God is immediate for the Christian, the sudden breaks with old habits and hostility from a fallen world is often traumatic. A new Christian can recoil from such impact; the transition from "death to life" (John 5:24) is intense. But the Christian must realize that he has indeed taken the right path and is alive, recognizing the sobering truth that "all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted" (2 Timothy 3:12). Morpheus plays an important role by encouraging Neo in the truth.
M. Neo's muscles have atrophied and need to be rebuilt.
S. Again, the similarities to a newborn baby, as in 'born again'. It is lethal for a Christian to remain a spiritual infant. With the help of God, he must mature, for he is in a war.
M. Neo asks, "Why do my eyes hurt?" Morpheus replies, "Because you've never used them." In a memorable touch, we see Morpheus' eyes for the first time without mirrored sunglasses.
S. A sinner is spiritually blind; he only perceives according to the distorted wisdom of man in a fallen world. A person can only truly see when faith in Christ makes him a new creature. "Unless a man be born again, he cannot see…(John 3:3)." God gives the Christian revelation and insight, as Christ "becomes wisdom" to him (I Corinthians 1:30). As Morpheus' eyes are now visible to Neo, a Spirit-sensitive Christian can perceive things correctly. "He who is spiritual appraises all things..." (1 Corinthians 2:4).
M. Morpheus breaks Neo's chain of questions by saying, "Rest, Neo. The answers are coming."
S. Some of the most difficult things a Christian must learn are patience and rest. Maturity in God does not happen overnight. A Christian must cease (rest) from his own fleshly efforts and allow God's mighty power to work through him and teach him. (Colossians 1:29, Hebrews 4:10)

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