The Matrix as Messiah Movie

The Matrix - A Cyberpunk Parable?

C O N T E N T S:

0. 'Spoiler' and Rating Warnings

I. Introduction

II. The Many Ways of Viewing The Matrix

III. The Matrix as a Cyberpunk Parable

A. Overview

B. The Parable

1. TRACKING: Confusion, Contact, and Conviction

1a. Apartment

1b. Club

1c. Office

1d. Interrogation

1e. The Road to Morpheus

1f. A Visit With Morpheus

2. TRANSFORMATION: Conversion, Conception, and Construction

2a. Red Pill

2b. Reflection

2c. Rebirth

2d. Rejection

2e. Rescue

2f. Section Summary

3. TRAINING: Conscription, Concepts, and Conditioning

3a. Crew

3b. Construct

3c. A History Lesson

3d. Combat Training

3e. What is the Matrix?

3f. The Enemy

3g. New Identity

3h. The Oracle

4. TRAPS: Contamination, Conspiracy, and Consequences

4a. A Parable of a Parable?

4b. Mouse

4c. Cypher

5. TRANSCENDENCE: Confrontation, Conflict, and Conquest

5a. The Mission

5b. The Mayhem

5c. The Murder

5d. The Master

C. Shortcomings in This Parable

IV. The Matrix as Messiah Movie (Neo allegorized as Messiah figure)

A. Jewish Messiah or Christian Messiah?

B. Cautions about Comparing Neo to Christ

C. Allegory of Neo as a Christ Figure

Part 1: The birth and earthly ministry of Christ

Part 2: The betrayal of Christ

Part 3: The death, resurrection, victory, and ascension of Christ

V. Conclusion and Personal Remarks