Neo & Morpheus in the martial arts training program
Neo, "I know Kung-Fu."
Morpheus, "Show me!"

Let's start with the basics. If you've seen The Matrix, you know all about the surface story - how Artificial Intelligence created a computer construct (The Matrix) of OUR present day world and, through a hardwire directly into the brain, fed it to us humans who were, in reality, kept in incubators and used for their energy output as a power source for the Artificial Intelligence. In other words, our "reality" exists ONLY in our minds. Everything we "experience"; everything we "do" - it's all just a dream! But a small band of FREED humans live in the real world and fight against the subjugation of mankind by the machines. Their ultimate goal is to destroy The Matrix and end the domination of the machines. How do they go about doing this? They find a man within The Matrix (Thomas A. "Neo" Anderson) who develops the ability to defeat the Artificial Intelligence within the Matrix and begin the process of restoring man to his rightful place as THE sentient species on the planet. The Matrix is a very fine high-tech, futuristic, sci-fi action flick. But,.....look deeper,.....there is so much more going on in this film ........

Here are the parallels between Neo's life story and the life story of Christ some 2,000 years ago!
( 2,000....hmmm....isn't that the amount that Choi paid to Neo for that disk?! )


"You're empty!"

Neo & Agent Smith in the subway Neo/Agent Smith

"So are you!"

This way to Neo/Christ Parallels!

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